This is special …..and they wonder why we call it Nam



Road Trip

Okay, So all my sites are propogating now and this can take up to 72 hours, So what is propagation? Basically is would be the equivalent of adding your phone number to all the computers in the world, but instead we are adding an IP address, so when people type in your url, they will be directed to your server that serves the files. 

I just ran trace routes with support. My sites can be viewed elsewhere, just haven’t made it to our part of the country yet.

  I will be working later this afternoon and will recheck the status. Hopefully they will all resolve today.

Server Move Going Well

Server Move Going Well

All of my client’s domain names are transferred.. Files all backed up, new client accounts created. Now I just have to upload files and this is going to be my home on the internet for a very long time. Glad to be offering my clients a secure site and blazing fast servers, local customer support and service.Things should be back to normal within a few days. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

IPad 2, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Stellar, Droid Razr M, Droid DNA HTC

I have purchased and returned all of the items in the title, except for the Droid Razr M and the Droid DNA HTC, which I think I am keeping. I wish I could get the DNA specs and the Motorolla Chassis. I am confused and tired and the people at the phone store aren’t too happy with me I’m sure sorry for all the juggling commissions I made a sale no I didn’t I made a sale no I didn’t know I did play musical sales slips and I wonder who are lucky winner is going to be which phone am I going to keep I don’t know I’m actually sick looking at them wish we didn’t Need them.  Truly I hate carrying stuff around on me,but I get bored easily so it lets me remain productive when away from home. I know it’s a pain in the b*** doing paperwork on the phone then returning it. Why doesn’t Verizon offer loaner phones for night so you can try them out and make up your damn mind is there so many different operating systems

Mobile website Verse mobile app

So what is the difference between a mobile website and an app? A mobile website has many different functions or applications  .. A mobile website will work over a broad array of devices where as an app is usually custom built for is specific device. Are handheld devices are changing our entire economy and bringing the world closer together through business and socialization . The way people are accessing the Internet is changing 2 mobile devices so your website should also be optimized for mobile delivery. The difference is that when you de sign a mobile website you work with a specific software and design a site that works over A plethora of devices.